Revision Options

Have you had a previous weight loss surgery?

Dr. Weiss offers minimally invasive and endoscopic revision options for select patients who have had prior weight loss surgery.  Dr. Weiss has performed many minimally invasive and/or endoscopic revisions or reversals of previous weight surgeries over the years.  Some examples of our revisions performed are in patients who had previous Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (open or laparoscopic), Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (“stomach stapling”), Adjustable Gastric Band (such as the LapBand® or REALIZE™ Band or other bands), Sleeve Gastrectomy, Duodenal Switch or Biliopancreatic Diversion or Jejunal-ileal Bypass (intestinal bypass). 

This decision is made on an individual basis based on the patient’s medical and surgical history, eating habits and anatomy.

If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for a revisional procedure, the first step is to fill out a Revision New Patient Packet (can be obtained through our website or by calling the office) and sending the complete packet in along with your operative note from your previous weight loss procedure(s).  Once we receive all information, Dr. Weiss will review your initial information.  If we feel a revision option may be an option, we will contact you to schedule an initial appointment in our office.  That appointment will consist of a full history and physical evaluation, dietary evaluation and possible psychological evaluation.  Dr. Weiss will likely wish to order some diagnostic testing to include an upper GI and an upper endoscopy as well. 

Once Dr. Weiss has all the information he needs, he will sit down with you and go over your potential revision options, if any.  He cannot guarantee a revision option for everyone, but is happy to do a full evaluation and offer his opinion regarding your surgical and non-surgical options.

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